Access Bank Internet Banking Online Application Form

Internet banking is actually the tending and easiest way of banking without stress.

The word internet banking simply means banking transaction been made online via the internet.

It is a banking process made available by a bank to it’s costumers to be able to make transaction via the use of internet and can be done anywhere at any time all you need is to have a working internet subscription,a smartphone,tablet or laptop and you are good to go.

Access Bank is one of those banks offering this internet banking service.Therefore for all those who are banking with Access Bank this is to inform you that you can make your transactions anywhere at any given time.

In this particular post i am going to be giving you the steps you will need to carry out the Access Bank internet banking transactions other wise known as Access bank internet banking.

But first you will have to download the Access Bank internet banking App on your smartphone which will give you easy,convenient and swift transactions.So i will be showing you how to download the App and also tell you the things you stand to gain using the internet banking service.

Advantages of Access Bank internet banking System.

1. It enables you to have access to your account and details of every transactions made in the previous times.

2. It enables you to transfer funds from your account to another account or to an entirely different bank account that is not same with your bank.

3. The Access bank internet banking helps you to pay bills of any kind.

4. It helps you to cancel or update any kind of payments.

5. The Access bank internet banking application allows you to review your account activities and helps you get a statement of your account and your present account balance.

Am sure you now understand what internet banking is and what you the advantages are now follow these steps to get started.

1. You must be an existing customer or a new customer with a valid account account. i.e you must be an account holder with the bank you want to apply for as in the case of Access Bank.

2. You must first have to enroll and register or sign up for the Access bank e-banking online banking services.
Now to do this, you have to visit this website on:

After entering the ink on your browser, you will be welcomed to the new user registration form. It will look like this:

You then have to fill out the internet banking application form following this steps

1. Click on the “Register Now” Button to begin your application registration.

2. Enter your account number provided on the space and click Next.

the system will synchronize your account details and verify that you are an account holder with Access Bank.

3. Enter either “Savings” or “Current” account, depending on your account type, and click “NEXT”.

Instantly, an activation code will be sent to your phone number, and an authentication mail will be sent to your email you provided during account creation. Upon receiving this code, follow the next step>>

4. Enter the code you receive on your mobile phone number in the text box provided, and click on the “Submit” button.

5. The system will authenticate the code you entered, and once the activation code is confirmed to be correct, you will see a new page would open up. This is where you will choose your preferred internet banking ID and Password.

6. Accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking on the box and click “Submit”

If the application is successful you may then log in to the Access bank internet Banking online system to carry out your transactions but if not successful reload and then repeat the steps above.