This actually a good news for all Airtel subscribers in order to help you spend less calls Airtel has created a tariff where you can add your favorite numbers that you call very often like the ones of your loved ones and enjoy discount on every call made to those numbers,This package is called the Airtel Family and Friends

Be informed that this Airtel Family and Friends is only accessible to registered Airtel numbers it is good for Airtel prepaid clients.It will actually help you spend more time with your loved ones talking on phone.

But before you can access this you need to register selected numbers of Family and Friends list and start enjoying the discount each time you call them and you will actually get to talk more with them.


the good thing about this offer is that you can remove any number you wish and replace it with another one.There gistration of Airtel FAF is free but in case of replacement you will be charge a flat rate of N50.


To register your FAF is very simple just dail the code “*141*2*NUMBER# “, for example, “*141*2*08080000000#” and the number will be registered.

To remove or delete numbers If you want to remove or delete numbers, you just need to dial the following combination: “*141*3*NUMBER#”, for example, “*141*3*08021234567#” and the number will be successfully removed. To view your list of registered numbers If you want to view your list of registered numbers, simply dial Airtel family and friends code: “*141*5#”.

The Airtel Family and Friends list call charges Throughout the Peak Periods, which are usually between 6 am and 9:59 pm, calls made to your family and friends numbers will only attract a rate of 25 Kobo per second.

Therefor in summary Airtel Family and Friend(FAF)is a way of subsidizing tariff service for all Airtel prepaid users.