www.Npower.Gov.ng Application Form for 2017 Recruitment

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How To Apply For www.Npower.gov.ng Application Form for 2017 Recruitment

This is actually coming as a good news to all those who wish to apply for the Npower as the official portal Npower has been opened for application from interested Nigerians.

Therefore this information is going out to all those who are searching for information on how to apply on portal.npower.gov.ng.
We are going to be giving information on how to successfully apply and be a beneficiary in the Npower.

The Npower programme is a Federal government of Nigeria empowerment programme for Nigerian Youths who are graduates.The programme is aimed to recruit,train and deploy successful candidates into various fields of interest.

You will recall that the Nigeria Federal Government started the Npower programme last year and Nigerian youth applied in their thousands and due to the heavy traffic on the website the site went offline,The website was rebuilt and the registration went on.

So many candidates were shortlisted in the previous one while many were left out,to fill in the remaining vacancies they have started another Npower registration for 2017 and this is only for those who were out in the 2016 batch.

Npower Registration form 2017 commenced on Wednesday 14th of June 2017 and the registration is still progress.

Therefor all unemployed Nigerian graduates and non graduates are hereby advice to apply for the for the Npower recuitment programme which is meant to provide job to Nigerian youths.


There have been additional categories in the Npower recruitment therefore interested persons are to only choose and apply from one of the categories.

1.Npower Teach

2.Npower Agro

3.Npower Health

4.Npower Tax

The application portal has been opened for these npower categories which are listed above.



You are expeacted to have the following requiremnet before proceeding to applying via www.npower.gov.ng Application form


1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)

2. Personal Information such as your name as shown in your BVN

3.Working email address

4.Valid Phone Number


6.Bank Account Details

7 Educational History Such as your degree qualification and NYSC Call up Number


Visit the official website http://apply.npower.gov.ng

Follow the provided information carefully to aviod mistakes in other to successfuly apply for the Npower recruitment.

1. Firstly, visit npower application portal https://apply.npower.gov.ng

2. Click on the category you want to apply for e.g. Npower Health

3. Start the application process by filling all the required information which includes your name, BVN, qualifications and many more.

4. After filling all the required information, click on submit application

5. Before you complete your application, you will be assessed on your knowledge of grammar, general knowledge, and for N-Power VAIDS, basic numerical concepts.

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