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BBC Hausa

www.bbchausa.com.is a platform which is used to bring information and news to all the Hausa speaking regions of Africa and also in Nigeria Via BBC hausa.
To be able to access this online portal just login to www.bbchausa.com and you will be able to to get all the latest news and information on BBc in Hausa language

The good thing about BBC Hausa is also in the United Kingdom,London with a very high level credibility.The BBC Hausa web is advocated by the British Broadcasting Corporation.To search for BBC Hausa online is not difficult as you can do that just by searching for BBC Hausa news on your web browser you can also search for it like “bbchausa”,www.bbchausa.com just do that on Google and make sure you mobile internet is on.

What this actually means is that for all Hausa speaking regions,to get all latest news such as sports,Weather forecast radio and all latest happening around the world in Hausa language in other to help your understanding in all of these aspects easy just be searching bbchausa on google with an internet enabled device from any where in the world.

And there are over 50 thousand Hausa readers everyday who get current news on daily basis although this numbers grows on daily basis and this is because of the quality and number of materials and it is estimate that this news portal can become the most popular among the Hausa speaking community.

The BBC Hausa can also be gotten on your device which includes tablets,smartphones and connected TVs.

Some catigories that are on the BBC Hausa web includes the follow :

Labaran Duniya, Wasanni ,Mujalla ,Rahotanni , Bidiyo ,Shirye-shirye na Musamman , Saurari Shirye-Shiryen Mu and Hotuna.

So this information is for all Hausa speaking regions and everyone who speaks and understands Hausa to take hold of this opportunity and make use of it

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