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Nigeria Immigration Service Rank And Salary Structure

The Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS) Is the agency of the Government that is charged with the responsibility of Migration in Nigeria,They see to the in and out movement of people in the country.The Nigerian police was formerly in-charge of this duties but later extracted from them in year 1958.

The vision behind the setting up of the Nigeria Immigration Service is to be a modern,effective and efficient Immigration service,which is manned by qualified and well trained motivated workforce.

The soul mission of the Nigeria Immigration Service is to to strengthen the security and prosperity of Nigeria through proactive, effective and efficient border security and migration management.

Nigeria Immigration Service Ranks

check out the order of ranks in the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS;)

  • Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)
  • Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)
  • Assistant Comptrollers (AC)
  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)
  • Immigration Assistant (IA)
  • Passport Officers.

Nigeria Immigration NIS Structure:

This is the operational structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Human Resource Management – This Directorate is mandated to handle the following:

a) Appointments, Promotions and Discipline
b) Staff Welfare and Gender
c) Training and Manpower Development
d) Personnel
– To ensure a consistent update of the Nominal Roll
– To implement Biometric Registration of all officers
– To ensure enhanced welfare of officers
– To profer unbiased recommendations for the discipline of erring officers
– To provide necessary administrative support for the smooth running of the Service.

Planning, Research & Statistics – The Directorate is saddled with the responsibility of:

a) Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
b) Research and Statistics
c) ICT and Database
– Conduct research and recommend Policies to drive the Service
– Analyze statistical data and make necessary recommendations and projections
– Management and technical support for all ICT driven facilities of the Service.

Works & Procurement – The Directorate is to handle:

a) Works
– To ensure the maintenance of infrastructure nationwide
– Ensure that contracts are duly awarded in accordance with the provisions of the Procurement Act
– Project design, execution and monitoring according to specifications
– Logistics and Supply.

Finance & Accounts – Its primary role is that of providing the necessary financial support for the smooth running of the  Service. Its basic responsibilities include:

a) Accounts
b) Budget
c) Revenue
– To ensure timely Budgeting and Budgetary Control
– To ensure timely payment of allowances and salaries to officers
– Handling all financial transactions of the Service
– Keeping records of revenue generation
– To ensure prudent financial management.

Investigation, Inspectorate & Enforcement – This Directorate is charged with the responsibility for:

a) Investigation and Intelligence
b) Inspectorate and Enforcement
c) Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labour
d) Aliens
– Investigation of breaches against the Immigration Act 2015 and other relevant laws
– Preparation of Eligibility briefs on applicants seeking to obtain Nigeria Citizenship
– Preparation of Status Report for grant of expatriate quota approvals
– Carrying out Repatriations and Enforcement of Deportation Orders
– Ensuring that incidences of Human Trafficking and Smuggling of migrants are reduced
– Profiling of Officers holding strategic positions in the Service and all recruits
– Surveillance, Hotel monitoring and inspection of Companies
– Management of Suspect Index
– Screening of Irregular migrants.

Operations & Passports – The Directorate is to handle:

a) Visa/ Entry Permit
b) Standard Passport
c) Other Travel Documents
– Issue various Immigration facilities within specified real time
– To drive successfully the implementation of the new Visa Policy
– To pursue to logical conclusion the investigation and cancellation of any fraudulently issued passports
– To ensure that a credible watch list is maintained and is circulated to passport offices and periodically updated
– To keep a soft-copy of Nigerians renouncing their citizenship and ensure their passports are duly cancelled
– Implementation of multilateral and bilateral agreements.

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