Following the situation of things in the country now,It is therefore very difficult to get a job even upon graduation of the Higher institution of learning.And the rate of graduates coming out of school every year it has become even more difficult,and so many people who are seeking for job are frustrated not knowing the right job site to visit while some are even still unaware of the possible job sites available.  LIST OF TOP JOB WEBSITES IN NIGERIA

Therefor For every Nigerian job seeker we have decided to bring you information on some of the best available job sites in Nigeria where you can visit and get the latest job opportunity in Nigeria and these sites has actually helped so many in their job search.

Although there other several online platforms apart from the ones we are going to be listing out on this site.

So for every job seek here is an opportunity for you to take advantage of this information go through it on daily basis check out the lists of available jobs check out the method application and apply you might just be lucky enough to get the employment.
Every job seeker should have it in mind that your services is actually needed somewhere all you having been lacking is the right connection to this employers,Therefore these sites will help you connect to the employers who are in need of your services.


1.HOT NIGERIAN JOBS is an online job listing sites for everyone who is seeking for in Nigeria.In the site yo get latest information and updates on a daily basis,In this site you are sure to get the best job listing in Nigeria.

2.JOB LIST NIGERIA is a connecting site between the job seekers and organizations in need of workers.It provides recruitment resources for job seekers in Nigeria.

joblisting Nigeria helps those who are looking for new job,new career and everyone who needs a change of job,with it’s daily job updates you can adequately explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that is right for you.

3. NIGERAIN JOB PORTAL is a website that gives you information on latest job vacancies in Nigeria.Through their portal the job seeker and the employers are connected.
The good thing about this site is that job seekers can post their resumes and through it be found by relevant agencies who visit the site to check out for qualified job seekers.An employer can also post jobsvacancies and have access to resumes submitted on the website.

4.NG CAREERS is among Nigeria’s top jobs and career community where you can find latest jobs opportunity in Nigeria.Here you also found company reviews,salaries,interviews and career insight for Nigerians.

In Ngcareers you can improve your chances of getting a job by pasting the application stage and getting to the interview stage of the employment process.

They help market you by crafting your CV and Resumes to strategically market you for your desired career objective.

5.JOB GURUS is a Lagos based Recruitment and training consultants,for all those in need of job in Nigeria i personally recommend this website for you.

6.NIGERIA BEST JOBS here you get updates on job recruitment information in all industrial sectors in Nigeria. is regularly updated with jobs vacancies available in can subscribe to email alerts and receive job alerts as they are posted if you wish to.You are also given relevant cv’s for specific job description.

7.NAIRALAND JOB SECTION is Nigeria number 1 online forum for various interaction and in the job section relevant job opportunities are shared.Nairaland is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria where you can get very information about things happening in Nigeria and it is been shared by registered followers.

8.JOBBERMAN is Nigeria’s number 1 recruitment websites,it keeps you informed about the latest jobs in Nigeria.

Jobberman can boost of providing viable solution to unemployment challenges of the society.

With a reputation for excellence in enterprise support and best use of technology in solving problems, they have become the top choice for both Jobseekers and Job Providers.

NAIJA HOT JOBS is filled with hot Nigerian jobs for all who are interested. It is viewed by hundreds of thousands of readers every day and is one of the few blogs around that is almost exclusively read by job seekers.

10.JOBSPIRE is one of the leaders in the job portals market in Europe and the Africa’s #1 job site. Since 2009, JobSpire has been publishing thousands of constantly updated offers in all business sectors: information technology, sales, marketing, administration, law, engineering, finance…

Every year thousands of employers conduct recruitment much faster and easier, and thousands of applicants find employment via JobSpire. JobSpire is present in over 16 countries and is available in more than 3 language versions.