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Nigerian comedians are well known all over Africa and beyond as they are always on the move performing around the world.They are loved for their creative abilities and their rib cracking jokes.

Fun lovers and those who wants to laugh away their stress can pay just anything to attend their shows.The are also found in events like wedding,concerts e.t.c.

So with all these it’s obvious that they are raking in so huge amount of money from their performances and endorsements.

People have often argued who the actually is the richest of them all.Therefore we have taken out time to compile a list of top 5 richest comedian in Nigeria..


Born Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere
Stage Name: Alibaba
Net worth:N3 Billion

Alibaba who happens to be the king of comedy and “father of Nigeria’s modern day comedian in Nigeria is no doubt the richest comedian in Nigeria.His net-worth is believed to be over N3 billion.

He performs in big events and for top government officials and politicians.

He is said to charge around N4 Million to N5 Million per event with his per year earnings running up to N400 Million. He also has high value real estates in some parts of Nigeria.

Real Name: Bright Okpocha
Net worth: N2 Billion

He is some how Nigerians favorite comedian and this is because of his style, he is smart,homorus and intelligent his jokes are very realistic as they relates to our everyday life activities.
with fantastic endorsement deals making him over N120 million annually. Basket mouth uncensored show gives  him up to N100 Million naira annually.
He is also a very good businessman.


Real Name: Francis Agoda
Net worth: N2 Billion.

He is very funny as his appearance on stage alone makes you laugh,He became famous with his appearance in Nite of a thousand laugh,Aside comedy I GO DYE is also a businessman He has a real estate, property and road construction company named Revamp Construction Company. Currently building a bottle water company, Franstel Natural Bottle Water. He has an approximate annual income of N400 Million.



He is a comedian,an actor and also a musician,His selling point is his unique style,He is the chief executive officer of Real Laff Entertainment Company, an event management firm. He charges between N2 Million to N3 Million per event, his annual event rakes upto about N140 Million per year.

5. AY

Real Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun
Net worth: N800 Million

He is a comedian with a difference very talented,aside comedy he is also a very good actor,his skits are all over the internet.AY is a household name in Nigeria,well known for his show AY LIVE which is one of the most organized shows in Nigeria.

“AY Live Show” has one of the highest yearly turnout for a comedy event in Nigeria, making him upto N160 Million. He charges an appearance fee between N1 Million to N2 Million per event.

AY movie 30 days in ATLANTA got him international recognition in the Guinness book of record.

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