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Mavrodi Mondial Movement popularly called MMM has recently cut down the 2016 Mavros of all it participants to be able to meet up with the payment of old Mavros.

In order to see your Mavro and how it was cut down follow this steps

1. Log into your MMM PO(Personal office)

2.Click on the Mavros

3.When it opens Then click on the Mavro 2016 contribution

On clicking it a page comes up

4. At the top corner of that page you will found “DATE” Click on the the DATE the you will get to see how your Mavro 2016 was slashed.

5. For those that noticed the change today you will see breakdown on clicking on the Mavro 2016 Contribution

6. For those that their Mavro was Slashed yesterday,Just click “BACK ARROW”It will take you to yesterday’s Date then there you will see the breakdown

That deduction that you have seen on your 2016 Mavros is what MMM Programmers have calculated taht you will earn from 2016 Outstanding Mavros.

This calculation was done based on just one month of repayment which means that they are paying only till December of 2016.

Therefore it means that January,February,March and April 2017 Mavro growth of 2017 Outstanding will not be paid.

Note that the measure is taken for the Sustainability of the MMM community during the repayment Process.
Below is how the 2016 Mavros were calculated and slashed.

Calculate 30% of the amount you PHed before the Pause mode was initiated. This will show you the exact Mavro you are supposed to earn before the pause mode was initiated. Now compared the amount you calculated and the one in your account you will notice that they are exactly the same.

If you PHed the following amounts these are what you ought to see Or slightly higher on your account.

2016 PHes and there calculation based on 30%:

#20, 000 = #26, 000
#50, 000 = #65, 000
#100, 00 = #130, 000
#200,000 = #260, 000
#500, 0000 = #650, 000
#1, 000, 000 = #1, 300, 000

This calculation is based on Only the 30days 30% Mavros Payments,Bonuses are not included here.

This means that when you add the bonuses it will increase slightly But it will never be close to the outrageous amount it has grown to overtime.

Implementation of Repayment will be done immediately

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