Download Nobody Ugly by Psquare

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Hit making music duo, P-Square, have raised the bar once again with this instant classic titled “Nobody Ugly“.

The track is rendered over a joyful and addictive highlife instrumental and is accompanied with a video fully packed with beautiful bursts of colours and intense rib-cracking humour endorsement.

Nobody Ugly is another song coming from Psquare brothers, you can download and listen below. This song which was official released on the 20th of April 2017 is making it to the top as one of the most watched music video in YouTube and most played music in some popular Nigerian radio stations.

The PSquare brothers is now back with a new single, After They Successful Released their song titled Away. You can download nobody Ugly by the Nigerian Super Music Duo Psquare and play on your Mobil phone. Psquare Comes Again With Another Single Titled Nobody Ugly as usual they always set the trend, this is no exception as it will definitely be on everyone’s lips in the coming weeks listen up and enjoy!

They has actually prove over time that they are staying at the top of Nigeria music for long and can never be push overs in the industry as every of the song is always a hit,Over a million people listened to the music 24 hours after the music dropped

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